4th grade; orthography; Billiot
Orthography in Mrs. Billiot's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Billiot's students explored Orthography which is defined as "...the art of spelling according to established usage. It is a part of language study that deals with letters and their sequence in the word, and it is considered an art." Rather than the old, cliche "Write your spelling words three times each", the students were given an art assignment to create a picture using their spelling words to outline the shapes and then to write the words repetitively using colored ink to fill in the shapes forming their picture. The students were very creative, producing art pieces...several featuring outdoor scenes and fruits. There was even one piece featuring a mushroom, another with an alien spaceship, and another with a heart. The students even displayed a heightened interest in their spelling words once the project was finished as they have continued to voluntarily practice their spelling words independently throughout the week! An art connection wins again!!!

Thu Apr 28 02:09 PM