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Student Registration

Welcome to Old Shell Road School of Creative and Performing Arts. We are so excited that your child has been selected to attend our school and join the Old Shell Road family. The information below will help you prepare for the 2020-2021 school year.

Please read carefully.


·       Pre-registration for kindergarten and new students in grades 1-5 will be held virtually this year.

·       Parents must go online to complete the required preliminary registration. Go to and select register and complete all online information and questions.

·       Please take a picture and email it along with the following information to two proofs of residence, student’s original immunization card, the student’s social security card, the student’s original birth certificate, the child’s final report card, and guardian’s driver license. This information will be scanned into the child’s file. Place the student’s name and grade on the cover of each email.

·       For students who attended a school outside of the district, be sure to go online and follow the steps as a new student to the Mobile County Public School System. Then, follow the steps listed above.

·       Information regarding the school’s uniform policy, supply list, summer reading/math assignments and

before/after school program are available at

·       The school’s website is Please refer to the website for valuable information.


Important Dates





Kindergarten Registration

Now-June 12

Kindergarten Students

1st-5th Grade Registration (New Students)

Now-June 12

1st-5th Grade Students


Meet the Teacher


All OSR Students

Check the school’s website/Facebook page

First Day of School



Check the school’s website/Facebook page


If you have any questions, please call the school at 251-221-1557.


Required: One proof that reflects physical residence:                       Required: One proof from the following listing:

Property Tax Records/Receipt                                                    Utility Bills—Water/Gas/Telephone/Electric/Cable

Property Deed                                                                              Income Tax Records from IRS to Parent/Guardian

Homeowners Insurance Policy                                                   Other Official Proofs—Correspondence from Social

Mortgage Statement                                                                    Security Office, DHR, Food Stamp Office, TANF

Apartment or House Lease                                                          Bank Records, Checking, Savings, Loan, Investment

                                                                                                     Employment Records—Company check,

                                                                                                     Verification Letter from Employer, Two Credit Card Accounts